Gengala Justification
Import from Australia

Luise Hickie with Dumbo at Sydney Spring Show


Winner Kortrijk Winner Kortrijk 2000 Belgium
under Dr. Göran Bodegard, Sweden

FCI-World Winner 2001 (at Portugal)
International Champion 
Belgian Champion 
German Champion 
Danish Champion 
Swedish Champion 
VDH Champion

#1 Afghan Belgium 2000

Vice World Junior Winner 2000 (at Milano

Dumbo at 4 years of age


New video clip of Dumbo's movement
Click on the photo below

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Dumbo and his son Varakh (left) at the World Dog Show 2003

Dum_head_9-2002.jpg (30609 Byte)  Dum_9-2002c.jpg (39560 Byte)

Dumbo won CAC BOB  at Sighthound Show Hannover
under Mrs. Dr. Trainin from Israel

photo by: Tiberius Hahn

Dumbo won BOG2 BOB CACIB CAC and "Saarland Sieger"
at CACIB Show Saarbrücken
under Martha Heine. 

Saarbruecken_group.jpg (15724 Byte)



17_2_2002_12cm.jpg (38342 Byte) 

4_10_2001_12x10low.jpg (52543 Byte)
2 1/2 years



Dum8-6-01b.jpg (42239 Byte)  dum2.jpg (27751 Byte)

Dumbo at 2 years



Dumbo's movement





Dumbo's breeder: M. L. Hickie, Gengala Afghans, Australia NSW

Dumbo's owner: Claudia Kurrek, Germany

phone: +49 2183 / 818 77



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